How to Improve in Logical Reasoning Tests

To attain high score in logical reasoning tests it is essential that you undertake effective course of preparation to make most of your practice. See tips below as to the approach to take to improve in logical reasoning tests.


Practice relevant questions

Don’t lose heart if you find that your scores at logical reasoning tests are low. Remember practice makes perfect. The more you prepare the better your score will become. Continued study over a long period of time will enable you to delve into the mind of the test developer and thus you will be half way to reveal patterns that will lead you to correct answers. As an example, consider the sequence below.


At first sight the above sequence might look difficult to understand nevertheless after careful inspection you will find that it follows simple pattern. Note that the small diamond is dotted every second step whereas large diamond and square change their colours from black to white, from white to grey and from grey back to black. Therefore, the correct answer must be D. You can undertake further practice and take inductive reasoning test to see how many questions you can get right.


Become familiar with test shapes

At logical tests less experienced test takers may become puzzled by strange looking shapes or symbols and thus fail to answer test question within the time provided. Conversely, individuals who have taken practice tests prior to taking their real assessment can benefit from acquired test taking tactics. Remember, you are likely to work out logical reasoning problems much more quickly if you undertake systematic course of preparation. The more practice you do the more speedily you will be able to search for rules that describe the transformations of one item into another. You find more information in tutorial on how to prepare for logical reasoning tests which provides quick tips on how to start your preparation and how long and how often to practice.


Approach the sequence in systematic way

To improve your score at logical reasoning tests try to approach questions in constructive and methodical way. Firstly, attempt to mentally encode items in the series. That is, mentally list the attributes of each shape, sign or symbol. Secondly, infer the relation between items by listing the transformations that must be performed on items of the first tile to turn items to other items in the second tile. Map the relations between all symbols in the sequence and apply transformations. For example, if diamond changes to hexagon, hexagon changes to pentagon which changes back to diamond then next in the sequence must by hexagon.


Further, you may want to consider whether shapes or lines move in one direction or the other. For example, it may be the case that square travels in clockwise direction whereas circle would turn anticlockwise. Don’t be discouraged by strange looking symbols. Try to inspect closely all of the items in the tile and think of how the pattern might work. Additionally, to improve your skills for logical reasoning you may try to do puzzles that contain diagrams, symbols signs or shapes.