Common Logical Reasoning Tests

There are varieties of logical reasoning tests that serve as competence measures in employee selection. You are not likely to face all of them in one recruitment exercise but rather employers usually select the ones that measure competencies required for particular role they are hiring for. Prior to having a look at differ types of assessments it is important to note that each of the tests is designed to evaluate logical aptitude in different areas. The below section will present you with common logical reasoning assessmenets used by employers.



Odd one out logical tests

This group of exercises are comprised of series where you will be presented few images and it will be your task to pick the one that doesn’t belong to the sequences. Usually, these tests are based around finding subtle differences between testing items. Hence, good attention to detail and well trained eyes will help you to succeed. You can click on the above link to see example questions with explanations.


Abstract logical matrix tests

This is another type of logical reasoning test which assesses your ability to work with conceptual ideas. For example, the test questions are presented in the form of matrices where your task will be to identify patterns or missing items. These assessments not only evaluate your logical reasoning abilities, that is, the ability to manipulate with abstract symbols but also assess your conceptual thinking and attention to detail. Depending on nature and type of test these measures can be difficult to master without thorough practice.


Arithmetic logical tests

This category of logical tests encompasses variety of arithmetic exercises. They may range from basic to more advanced problems that may involve few unknowns. They usually assess how quickly an individual can work out arithmetic problems mentally. Typically, they assume simple arithmetic operations such as additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions. To succeed at any of these exercises it is pertinent that you maintain sharp focus and high level of concentration. Click on the above link to find out more.


Word problems logical tests

This category belongs to the group of psychometric assessments that test candidate’s deductive reasoning abilities. In other words, they assess the extent to which you can logically deduct and narrow range of possible observations to make meaningful conclusion. Often, these assessments are strictly timed and you will be required to work under high degree of time pressure. You can review example questions from the above link.


Alphabet logical tests

Tests that consist of letters of alphabet are often related to numerical or abstract items because letters may be considered either as symbols or numbers. For example, letters when considered as symbols may be distinguished by its shape or colour whereas one may code them into numbers based on their position in the alphabet. Usually, in such selection exercises it will be up to you to find out how they are presented. Click on the link above to see real examples of sequences involving letters of alphabet.