How to Start Numerical Test Preparation

If you are new to numerical reasoning tests it may seem that you have awful lot of preparation ahead of you and it may be confusing to find some starting point. So what we recommend in such cases? As for the beginner if you have not been using maths skills for some time then make sure that you are familiar with basic arithmetic operations. In order to work out questions quickly and correctly you must be comfortable with percentages, ratios, proportions and currency conversions.


Remember, you have to have strong command of these mathematical functions to be able to manipulate data in test accurately. Not sure how to perform any of the above then see our numerical reasoning preparation guide where you can find the quickest and most effective ways to perform these calculations.

However, note that the knowledge of the above operations is only ‘tool’ to work out the correct answer; you need to develop, if you don’t already have, good reasoning abilities and test taking strategies that will allow you to think clearly and analytically to come up with the most effective solutions to given questions. Such competencies may refer to learning how to translate the facts of the problem into mathematical terms and learning how to use these terms to arrive at the answer. If you are unsure how to improve your numerical aptitude skills then start your preparation course with our practice tips that will help you find how to develop such competencies.


How often to practice for numeracy tests

The answer to the above question may not be that obvious as each of us may learn and assimilate new things at different pace. Also, the amount of preparation one may need to undertake depends on his or her current level of maths and reasoning abilities. However, if you are new to these kinds of measures and you are going to take such assessment for the first time try to go through as many materials as you can until you feel confident to solve these kinds of questions, tasks or problems.

Try to complete our free numerical test to assess your reasoning competence; at the end you can see your score and view correctly and incorrectly answered questions.


Plan your preparation thoroughly

If you were practicing for over two weeks and your score are still low don't panic. Do not lose heart if you don't see significant improvement in score. It is important not give up on preparation but rather revise your strategy and plan further courses of action. Note that your brain needs to assimilate new things learned and by regular exercise it will get used to new ways of thinking. You can review our guides and see some tips of how to develop quantitative skills and competencies to make most of your preparation.

Remember, you will improve your performance and increase score if you put in work required. To undertake effective preparation for numerical reasoning test see our numerical test help guide which will direct you in the amount and kind of work to be undertaken prior to taking assessment.