Tips to Succeed at Inductive Reasoning Tests

There is no clear-cut success formula to succeed in inductive reasoning tests as each person has different ways of learning and assimilating new learnt things. Nevertheless if we compare spectrum of candidates that perform consistently well we will find close similarities in the way they approach the test. The steps they followed play a crucial role in attaining their high score. Below are few tips that successful test takers use to follow to pass inductive assessments.


Learn how to search for patterns

To boost your score at inductive reasoning tests it is critical that you are familiar with basic constructs of such assessments. Good test preparation involves not only finding to out what to expect in the test but also knowing how particular questions are constructed. For example, in numerical reasoning test you need to be familiar with mathematical operations to manipulate numerical data whereas in inductive reasoning tests you need to be familiar how questions are constructed in order to see the test pattern quickly. To learn about constructs of inductive tests see common inductive reasoning test patterns.


Use correct technique to infer the answer

It may be difficult to suggest particular technique to use when answering inductive reasoning test questions however there might be some tips that may work. For example, some test questions may be composed of shapes or symbols that would make certain pattern where rules of items in one box would determine the pattern of items in the following box. In this case you may want to arrive at the correct answer by eliminating the least likely answers. That is, analyse sequence along with answer choices provided and keep eliminating least likely answers until you are left with one which will deem to be correct.

Remember, in your inductive reasoning test you will encounter number of questions with wide range of patterns and hence it is important that your practice and develop good test taking strategies. For example, if you encounter question where pattern would be based around similarities of items in the sequence of boxes try to search for similar box in answer choices provided and be aware of differences of boxes in your answer choices.


Knowing when you have to move on

It is important to know when to leave and move on to the next question. Remember, at standardised psychometric tests all of the questions tend to have the same value mark and hence it is recommended to move on if you do not know the answer within time provided as otherwise you may risk of running out of time and not completing and obtaining marks for easy questions.


Maintain sharp focus all throughout the inductive test

It is imperative that you give the test your full attention. Try to maintain sharp focus throughout the test and do not get distracted or discouraged by strange looking sequences or items. Remember, test publishers may incorporate scary looking shapes or symbols which in essence can be easily inspected and worked out.