Why GraduateWings Reasoning Tests

We are passionate about online test assessments and care about your success. We have a wide range of tests for you to practice which will give you the true familiarity with the type of psychometric tests used by employers. Here are a few reasons why our practice tests are right for you:

Realistic Practice Tests

We offer you the opportunity to experience taking numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests in a simulated situation prior to taking your real assessment. Our online reasoning test packages are comprehensive training solutions created by professional team of psychometric specialists with extensive experience in aptitude testing.

100’s of Relevant Test Questions

Our online solutions are carefully planned and constructed to mimic the questions that you can expect to see when it comes to taking the real tests. We give you the opportunity to tackle all the challenging questions that you may encounter in real numerical, verbal or logical reasoning tests. You will benefit from wide coverage of data interpretation questions including bar, pie or line charts, tables, percentages, proportions or currency conversions. We also ensure that you have an extensive range of verbal reasoning test questions available to practice in the form of true, false and cannot say test structure to be fully prepared for your upcoming online assessments. Additionally, we provide you abstract reasoning practice tests in the form of logical sequence structures of diagrams, symbols or shapes.

Full Length Timed Tests

Our test packages are full length time tests. Just as in the real assessment our practice tests are timed with similar layout to those used by all major graduate employers to make you more familiar with test itself in order to give you the most realistic experience possible of what you can expect when taking a real thing.

Dynamic Test Generator

We know that your preparation is not fully completed without test generator that combines different questions in different order so that you get used to the element of surprise. Our dynamic numerical test generator draws questions from large question pool and arranges them to make the unlimited number of different tests to build up your confidence to successfully tackle questions in variety of situations.

Complete Performance Analysis

We provide you complete analysis of your test performance in terms of correct, incorrect and unanswered questions which you can review at the end of each test you take to see exactly where you went wrong. Correct answers and full explanations are provided. Your performance is also analysed in terms of speed, accuracy, percentage test score and average time spent on each question which enables you to monitor and better develop your test taking strategies.

Compare Your Aptitude with Other Test Takers

Our tests allow you to compare your score with other candidates in terms of percentiles which enable you to see how other members are getting on with the same kind of tests.

Find Out Your Estimated Level Score

Our packages are specially designed to give you an estimated level score to show how you might perform on the other related tests and help you to focus your training needs to improve your skills in specific areas.