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Find out about GraduateWings and learn about our main activities and objectives. Whether you are graduate, experienced professional or someone how is looking to practice for online reasoning test see how you can use GraduateWings.



Online Reasoning Tests

GraduateWings was established by psychometric test enthusiasts with purpose to help everyone who wants to learn, practice or improve their skills to pass online aptitude test. The name GraduateWings stemmed from the idea to provide graduates with ‘Wings’ i.e. to expand upon their knowledge, overcome challenges and pass psychometric tests with confidence. Hence the mission is simple – to provide great online reasoning test platform where everyone can come and practice for success.

If you are a graduate, post-graduate or an experienced professional looking to improve your numerical, verbal or logical reasoning skills we provide an exceptional platform of online reasoning tests that mimic the latest tests used by employers. At our platform you can practice wide range of assessments whilst at the same time you can share your experiences, learn about or connect with other test takers. You can start practicing from our selection of free online reasoning tests that are designed to mimic the latest assessments used by major graduate employers.


Guides and tutorials for aptitude tests

Over the course of time GraduateWings has helped thousands of candidates with challenges of online psychometric testing. Along the way we have not only strived to provide with the most extensive platform of online aptitude practice tests but also have put together numerous in depth guides and tutorials for numerical, verbal, logical, inductive, abstract or diagrammatic aptitude exercises.

Each guide is well structured to guide you through the topics of interest and provides with step by step tutorials with full explanations and reasoning for answer choices given. In GraduateWings free online reasoning test guides you can find wealth of useful advice, tips and resources to help you advance your test preparation to further stages. GraduateWings guides and tutorials are inseparable part of preparation for your upcoming online assessment.


Career and job guides

We also strive to provide a line of career services; from curriculum vitae tips through interviews to assessment centre preparation guides we are committed to help you succeed at every stage of employee selection process. We know that to successfully compete in today's job market you have to be well rounded individual not only succeeding at online aptitude tests but also at other exercises of selection process. Hence, GraduateWings can offer you wealth of advice on how to write your CV, how to fill out job online application form, how to handle job interview questions or how to perform better in assessment centre. To access any of these resources simply follow job hunting success guide and browse through the topic of interest.

During the course of time, GraduateWings has received a number of recognitions but our greatest achievement is that you have chosen GraduateWings. We wish you all the success in your test preparation. Thanks for paying a visit.