Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Guide

Preparing for verbal reasoning tests that come in the form of true, false, cannot say questions can be challenging especially when you have to get your test taking strategy up to scratch in short period of time. To help you with your preparation we have summarised some of the most important things you need know when preparing for these tests. Feel free to go through the below sections to undertake effective preparation for your upcoming online assessments.



What is verbal reasoning

Learn about reasoning tests that consist of statements that have to be evaluated in terms of true, false and cannot say answers. Learn what such tests are, what is the main task, challenges and abilities measured.


Meaning of true, false, cannot say

Become familiar with basic concept of these assessments and gain profound understanding of meaning of true, false and cannot say. See practical examples of how to mark statements with correct answer choices and understand how to distinguish various arguments in text or passage.


Basics of verbal reasoning questions

This part focuses on the most common building blocks of verbal tests that are often incorporated into employment assessments. It is divided into four chapters each of which gives useful advice on how to answer test questions. It attempts to give you solid understanding how to evaluate arguments, make inferences or how to deal with text passages that include specialised terminology you might not be familiar with. Studying this guide is must for everyone who is preparing for employer tests.


Verbal reasoning preparation tips

Preparing for verbal reasoning test does not have to be difficult. You can make significant progress with some practice if you follow correct technique and are committed to improving your score. Find out how to start your preparation, the way and how often you should practice and what approach to take if your score does not improve over time.


Tips to succeed in verbal tests

Learn simple ways that will help you boost your test taking strategy to attain higher results in your upcoming assessment. It points out the practical tips you will need to follow to successfully complete verbal reasoning assessment. It gives you the advice as to the first step you need to take to improve your score. It discusses what to read first, how to scan for keywords, how to answer questions strategically and what are the odds of guessing. All in all, great quick reference guide to give you overview of successful test taking strategy.


Verbal reasoning mistakes to avoid

This short but useful tutorial spells out the greatest mistakes you could be making when taking real or practice assessments. Are you making any of the mistakes? Find out what are the five most common mistakes candidates make that prevent them from reaching higher score. Read through the mistakes to avoid the same pitfalls.


Practice verbal test guide

After you have reviewed basic of verbal tests with tips and common mistakes you may be ready to study further and review topics on statement, passage or argument evaluation. This section focuses on five tutorials aimed at helping you learn how to interpret and extract relevant information from passage, how to evaluate statement or arguments. Each tutorial provides step by step explanations and demonstrates the necessary on real test questions.