Free Online Reasoning Test Guides

GraduateWings provides free online aptitude test guides designed to help you improve your score in numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests. Simply browse by topic of interest and make most of the tutorials, practice questions and tips for success.



Numerical reasoning

This excellent comprehensive guide that covers basics of numerical tests will help you get familiar with challenges of online assessments used by major graduate employers. It covers topics related to data interpretation questions including pie, line and bar charts incorporating percentages, proportions, fractions and other arithmetic operations. It offers free numerical test questions to assess your current level of reasoning abilities and gives you suggestions for further practice. Hints and tips on how to improve and how to practice are included.


Verbal aptitude tests

Find here all you need to know to answer true, false, cannot say questions in verbal ability tests. This aptitude guide briefly explains what such assessments are and what they involve. It aims to give you thorough understanding of how to answer true, false, cannot say questions. It provides you with practical examples demonstrating how to form your arguments, assumptions and conclusions to infer the correct answer. It gives you the opportunity to practice free verbal reasoning questions and view your correct and incorrect answers. Advice and recommendations to improve your test taking techniques and strategies are included.


Inductive reasoning

Learn how to go about answering common questions that frequently appear inductive reasoning tests. This guide introduces you to the basics of such employer exercises in terms of format, task and challenges. It presents with frequent patterns that tend to be main building blocks of inductive tests. It summarises the most important hints and tips and points out the mistakes to avoid.


Abstract practice test guide

This extensive preparation guide reveals necessary strategies to succeed at UKCAT abstract tests. It begins with short introduction to these assessments and continues to explore the most common abstract patterns. Here you will learn about the important tricks that will help you reveal patterns quickly and accurately. Additionally, you can assess you understanding and undertake free UKCAT abstract aptitude test. You can also see hints, tips and most common mistakes that new starters make.


Logical reasoning

One of the most popular forms to evaluate the extent to which an individual can think clearly and analytically is to administer logical reasoning test. This guide provides brief introduction to logical reasoning and gives you a quick snapshot of main type of tests used by graduate employers i.e. odd one out, abstract logical matrix, arithmetic logic tests, word problems etc... This guide is must for everyone who wants to succeed at employer logical reasoning tests with confidence.


Diagrammatic aptitude guide

Read and get invaluable advice for diagrammatic reasoning tests that are used as selection measures to assess individual conceptual and logical thinking. This short guide will introduce you to the types of diagrammatic ability tests used and will present you with hints and tips to succeed.