How to Perform Better in Assessment Centre

Well done if you have been invited to assessment centre. Now, you will need to know how to make the best of your skills, abilities to come across as the ideal person for the job you applied. On a day you will be invited to participate in wide range of individual, one to one or group exercises. It is important that you familiarise yourself as what to expect, what the employer will be looking for and perhaps how your performance will be assessed and evaluated. This guide will present the underlying principles how to perform better in assessment centre. Read the following and familiarise yourself with.



In-tray exercises for assessment centre

In-tray exercises often referred to as in basket exercises are frequently given to candidates during selection process. The main purpose is to project a candidate into the position of the person who is responsible for dealing with 'in-tray' in order to see how the applicant can deal with demands of the job. These exercises are carried out independently and on completition the candidate's performance is reviewed. In this section you will learn:


Business presentations

To perform better in assessment centre, ensure that you know the basics of presenting and rehears talking to audience until you are confident with your performance. When making a presentation many people forget that presenter and audience are both playing a role. When presenting you are the leader, teacher, informer or inspirer perhaps persuader. The audience is the listener, follower or informed and convinced group. To delivery successful presentation there needs to be bond between yourself and the audience. From this part you will find how to prepare your business presentation to make an impact and out-perform the competition in assessment centre.


Group discussions in assessment centre

When attending assessment centre you may be involved in group discussion exercise with other applicant and you may be required to discuss topic on particular subject. This will give the opportunity to assessor to view and evaluate participants' abilities in co-operative and competitive settings and see how they behave in different situations. This chapter provides you with the best practice of group discussions - you will learn:


Aptitude tests

The most frequently administered aptitude assessments are numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Depending on the employer, you may be required to complete these prior to coming to assessment centre or at times these will be given to you on a day. The best advice we can give is to take thorough preparation so that you are well acquainted with format and test taking strategies. To perform better in assessment centre on these tests follow the above link and you can follow comprehensive guide to range of aptitude test such as: