Currency Conversion Guide for Numerical Tests

Let’s face it many test takers find currency conversion questions in numerical reasoning tests hard to get the grip of. The good news is that these questions are not that difficult as basics are actually quite easy to grasp. If you give yourself a solid foundation in learning essentials you will be able to work out exchange rate problems much more easily. Below we provide you with easy to follow up guide and tutorials that will get you started and point you in the right direction for further practice.



Beginner currency conversions questions

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of converting values of one currency into another using one exchange rate. It will provide you with basics of how to perform such calculations and help you build a foundation to delve into more advanced topics. Hence, in this chapter your goal is to gain solid understanding of simple problems and challenges and learn about key calculation methods and techniques. It allows you to study real detailed example of how to solve simple questions.


Intermediate exchange rate questions

This section further expands on previous tutorial and demonstrates how to convert across two currencies. It presents you with real example that illustrates in detail steps to take to get to the core of the problem. You will learn how to multiply and divide currencies and how to use multiplication and division tables to make calculations more accurate. Click on link above to explore in detail how to tackle challenges in these questions.


Advanced currency exchange questions

To become an expert at currency conversions and succeed in numerical reasoning test you have to be able to convert sums across multiple foreign rates mentally without the use of scrap paper. From this guide you will learn how to quickly convert values across multiple rates. All workings are demonstrated on real practical example with quick tips to shorten your calculations.


Exchange rate questions on currency appreciation

Currency questions come in variety of forms and hence it is important to practice as many of these as possible. This section deals with problems related to currency appreciation. It will demonstrate how to work it out if you will be required to calculate percentage amount by which a rate of exchange strengthened against the other. Hence, your goal for this chapter is to become familiar with concept of currency appreciation and review practice example questions to see how to make your calculations.


Currency depreciation in numerical test questions

To become proficient at currency conversion problems you must come across wide range of challenges which would stretch your aptitude and give you practical experience of tackling related calculations. This section is concerned with monetary depreciation. Your aim for this tutorial is to understand the basics of monetary devaluation. You will learn how to calculate devaluation when currencies fluctuate against each other and see how to avoid traps and pitfall often incorporated into such questions.


Cross multiplications and divisions tables

At times it may be puzzling to work out what exchange rate to multiply or divide by what currency. This tutorial presents you with cross multiplication and division tables that you can use to help you to see how to work out foreign exchange rate problems quickly and correctly. Click on the above link to see full examples with step by step explanations.


Mistakes to avoid in currency conversions

Conversion questions are said to be one of the most challenging arithmetic problems in numerical reasoning tests. This section presents the most common errors made by candidates in such assessments. Click on the link above to see the frequent mistakes made and discover the tips, secrets and strategies to improve upon your tactics.