How to Write Job Accomplishments

Reviewing and acknowledging your achievements and accomplishments is the key part of successful CV or job interview preparation. Below paragraphs provide you with good starting point as how to present you accomplishments to prospective employer in the best way.


What is a job accomplishment

Job accomplishment is an example of how you have contributed to company goals. It shows the kind of worker you are. Based on the type of accomplishment you present to your prospective employer they will be able to form an opinion of you how you could contribute to the company goals.


How to get started

Your accomplishments need to be examples that are measurable and specific. Try to quantify results of your actions whenever possible in terms of figures. For example, if you present your achievement in terms of increasing revenue, decreasing costs, reducing customer complaints or enhancing KPI of particular process, express this in terms of numbers i.e. have increased revenue by 10% by implementing face to face sales strategy. Remember to always back up your achievements by detailing how you have achieved the outcome. This is known as S.T.A.R. format which stands for situation, task, action and result. For more tips on this format review the topic on how to answer competency interview questions. If you want to see further examples, then review tutorial on how to write job accomplishments in resume.

Remember to make your examples relevant to the type of work you seek. If you are looking for sales job have some specific achievements ready that are relevant for sales representative.


Job achievement questions

Use the below job accomplishments questions to brainstorm and track your unique achievements, accomplishments, skills and abilities. Answer as many questions as possible and remember provide examples that are specific and measurable.