Percentages in Numerical Reasoning Tests

In numerical reasoning tests, percentages are effective measures of individual’s intellect to solve problems that relate to everyday business activities such as financial reporting, management reporting or evaluating other business or economic variables pertaining to trade cycles, trends etc. Numerical reasoning tests often include these measures to evaluate candidate ability to make accurate judgements. This guide provides you with in-depth advice and introduces you to the key percentage concepts you need to master to perform well in online ability tests.



Percents and numbers in numerical tests

Often in numerical reasoning test you will work with basic concepts of percentages where you will need to find one number as a percent of another or find quantities of different amounts. This section is designed to provide with fundamental overview of basics terms and calculations. Your objectives for this section are to review how to find number as a percentage of another, how to find percentage of a quantity and how to find quantity of percentage of given amount. It also touches upon the quickest ways to calculate these functions.


Percentage change in numerical aptitude tests

One of the ways to express numerical increase or decrease between two numbers is to work out percentage change. This chapter sheds more light on how to go about calculating it. Your aims in this part are to review how to work out percentage change, study practice example and understand traps involved. It also demonstrates how to perform related calculations in the quickest way.


Numerical reasoning percentage increase and decrease

Percents are mathematical functions that express numbers in relative terms. They represent relationships of quantities compared to one another relative to 100. The main purpose of this section is review how to work out percent increase and decrease. It presents step by step explanations and provides hints, tips and calculation shortcuts to succeed in numerical tests.


Reverse percentages in aptitude tests

Questions incorporating reverse percentages are frequently incorporated into employer assessments to assess quantitative aptitude of an individual. This section addresses surrounding issues of these types of questions. Your aims for this session are to become familiar with concept of reverse percentages in scope of numerical test. You will learn how to work out questions involving these functions and see quick tips to enhance your tactics and performance.


Advanced numeracy reverse percentages

For a number of test takers questions involving advanced reverse percentages is a puzzling task. Many candidates are not aware of basic calculation tactics and hence fail to answer questions correctly. The main purpose of this part is to see in practice how to work out advanced questions, review full solutions with tips to make your workings quick and to the point.


Mistakes to avoid in numerical percentage questions

It seems that the same errors are repeated by number of applicants. Most of these are easy to avoid and stay away from. This section summarises five most common mistakes that test takers make that become obstacles to gaining higher score. Click on the above link to sharpen your understanding of numerical reasoning tests to keep away from common errors.