Ratios and Proportions in Aptitude Tests

This practice guide presents with tutorials on how to solve numerical reasoning questions related to ratios and proportions. Beginning with the basics you will be guided through to more advanced topics and questions with step by step explanations. Although there are a few quick wins most of the gains come from an investment in time to practice to fine-tune your test taking strategies. The below tutorials will get you started down the path to master ratio and proportion questions in numerical aptitude tests.



Ratios and proportions in numerical reasoning

This tutorial provides with insight into basic whilst most common problems related to ratios. It will give you solid background and foundation to understand as how to work out ratio and proportion questions. It will present with basic challenges, review practice test examples and provide with hints and tips to make calculations quicker.


Simple ratios in aptitude tests

This chapter further builds on the previous tutorial and presents with simple challenges related to ratio and proportion questions. It also presents as how ratio questions can be formulated and presented in numerical reasoning tests to assess your mental arithmetic abilities. Your aims for this chapter are to learn how to eyeball data to make accurate judgments and how to eliminate and rule out unlikely answers. All workings are presented on real question extracted from numerical aptitude test.


Advanced ratios in numerical tests

Often, ratios are not only expressed in fractions and proportions but they can also be expressed as decimals. This chapter looks at such challenges and demonstrates the way to deal with ratios written in decimal form that are presented in charts, graphs or diagrams. Your aims for this section are to learn how to covert ratios to decimals and vice versa, how to find the value of nominator and denominator if the proportion is expressed as decimal. Again, all working are presented in practice test questions extracted from numerical aptitude test.


Direct proportions in numeracy tests

This part deals with direct proportions which in essence are equations where one part of the equation proportionally increases as the other. This tutorial presents sample problems and demonstrates in few easy steps how to tackle challenges related to this concept. Your aims for this chapter are to learn how to work out aptitude test questions where quantities follow direct relationship, how to set up an equation and solve for one unknown in scope of numerical reasoning tests.


Indirect proportions in numerical reasoning

As opposed to the previous chapter this section examines the indirect relationship where one quantity increases as the other decreases. Indirect relationship is the opposite of the direct one so the trick is to swap multiplications and divisions which at times is confusing for number of test takers. Your aims for this section are to find out how to set up an equation to solve for unknown where values are associated indirectly. All workings are presented on real aptitude test example to maximise your learning.