Free UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice Test

You are allowed 7 minutes to complete this test, which comprises 15 questions. Each question contains Set A and B with corresponding test shape. Your task is to evaluate the test shape according to the patterns in Set A and Set B and mark your answer as follows:

To test your understanding, try to complete the sample question below.

ukcat_practice pattern

Note that the test shape must belong to Set A as each box in this set has square in it whereas boxes of Set B share a circle.

Attempt to answer as many questions as possible in the time allowed and work without interruption or pausing. For each question you must select one answer from the three answer choices given. Avoid spending too long on any one question. Move on to the next one if you are struggling and return to it later if you have time available. Work where you will be free of distractions.

Click ‘Start’ when you are ready to begin the test.