Verbal Reasoning Test Help Guide

After you have studied basics of verbal reasoning tests and reviewed preparation tips and most common mistakes you may be ready to study further and put your acquired knowledge into practice. Below we have summarised few tutorials aimed at helping you understand how to correctly answer true, false, cannot say questions in online ability tests. Remember, to achieve respectable score you need to gain precise understanding how to answer these types of questions correctly.



Statement evaluation in verbal reasoning

This section attempts to provide in depth explanation of statement evaluation in verbal aptitude tests. It presents with short passage with questions and explains in detail how to arrive at the correct answer. It shows the reasoning for answer choices given with easy to follow step by step explanations. We recommend that you study this section to gain greater exposure to the types of reasoning scenarios you may be encountered in your real assessment.


Passage interpretation in verbal test

This section demonstrates how to interpret information from the passage and provides extensive advice to help you understand reasoning in verbal tests. It showcases how to take and work with information and facts provided to make logical inferences. Remember, you can improve your test score, a lot depends on determination, practicing relevant materials and hard work. You will find that by working through the kinds of questions that are likely to appear in real assessment you will improve your skills and test taking strategies.


Argument evaluation in aptitude tests

This tutorial primarily focuses on how to evaluate arguments from text passage. Review this section to understand fully how to answer verbal reasoning questions that consists of true false and cannot say answer choices. Study step by step explanations and check whether your thinking is compatible with that of a test publisher. See advice on knowledge, skills and abilities you need to develop to attain good score. It touches upon tips on what you need to know prior to taking assessment and what kind of material to practice to acquire necessary skills.


Explanation to verbal practice questions

This focuses on in-depth explanations of questions related to passage of verbal test. It attempts to make it clear how to comprehend logic behind answering true, false and cannot say questions. It shows the same questions as you will find in free test and it details reasons and justifications for given answers. It allows you to work through practice test example to see for yourself what is required at these tests.


Easy but tricky verbal test question

Seemingly the most difficult questions may be the easiest ones if you pay enough attention to detail. Times and times again many candidates realised after taking verbal test just how easy the most difficult questions are to answer. This chapter presents short extract from reasoning test and demonstrates in detail what tricks test publishers use to test candidates attention to detail.


Free practice test

Attempt to take this test to assess your readiness for real assessment. Take a complete practice examination and find out what it is like to take assessment under the actual exam conditions. The test comprises 18 questions for which you will be allowed 9 minutes. As in your real assessment each question will refer to the short passage and it will be your task to evaluate whether the question supports the information provided in text or contradicts it or whether there is not enough information to conclude either of these.