Many people may not be aware that there is more to numerical reasoning tests than mastering the knowledge of simple arithmetic. While knowledge of arithmetic is important as numbers cannot be manipulated except the rules of maths the key skills that are measured in such exercises relate to areas of mental arithmetic, problem solving or critical thinking. If you are looking for the way to build up, develop or improve such skills then the below sections will provide you with good starting point.

How to improve math skills
If you are about to take numerical aptitude test you must ensure that you are competent using basic arithmetic and algebraic functions. You need to know how to solve problems related to percentages, mixed numbers, fractions, ratios or proportions and know how to set up and solve equation for one or two unknowns. You knowledge and understanding of such basic operations will form a solid ground for developing further competencies for numerical aptitude. In this section you will learn:
  • What topics of mathematics you need to revise
  • What kind of questions to practice
  • What set of exercises can better off your abilities

How to improve mental arithmetic skills
Since majority of selection exercises measure your capacity to process large set of data quickly and accurately well developed mental arithmetic skills are must to analyse and make calculated judgements of such data in quick way. Training your brain to eyeball, evaluate and mentally compute data is essential part of aptitude reasoning tests and will go a long way to help you to move quickly through the exercise. Hence undertaking exercises to improve such abilities is essential part of numerical test preparation. In this chapter you will learn:
  • The way in which to enhance your mental arithmetic
  • What kind of exercises to revise to boost your mental competencies
  • Simple ways to practice and enhance such abilities
  • How you should go about your practice

How to improve problem solving skills
To boost your confidence and sharpen your problem solving aptitude requires you to undertake practice questions that cannot be merely worked out by applying simple standard calculations. Such questions usually comprise situations that need to be translated into algebraic expressions. It is important to train your skills in such areas as one of the key measures of numerical reasoning tests is to measure your ability to work logically towards the core of the challenge and devise appropriate solution. Hence, it pays off to spend time reviewing for such topics and become familiar with their respective solving methods. In this section you will find about:
  • The three simple steps to develop your problem solving competence
  • The way to study or revise to advance your proficiency in respective areas
  • The types of questions you need to review to improve your logical thinking
  • The way to improve upon your weaknesses in your reasoning abilities