Job Hunting Success Tips

To successfully compete for the job in today’s job market you need to know how to market yourself or how to present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. For simplicity let’s divide job hunting into four simple steps or stages.
  • Knowing yourself
  • Knowing what you have to offer to potential employers
  • Developing your marketing materials and strategy
  • Promoting yourself to potential employers
Get to know yourself

It is important to know yourself and determine which career path you want to undertake. You need to determine what are your strengths and unique selling points. In other words, what is ‘that’ that you can do better than your friends, university classmates or your co-workers? Remember, if you want to be successful in your career you need to have passion, dedication and skills or at least potential to develop your skills to the level that will allow you to excel in your chosen field. To identify your strengths, weaknesses and prospective career path feel free to use the below SWOT Analysis Career Guide.
Know what you have to offer to employer

Once you have determined your strengths and weaknesses or completed SWOT Analysis matrices you need to explore further what exactly is ‘that’ that you have to offer to prospective employers. The below Job Accomplishment Guide will help you identify and track your unique job accomplishments, skills and capabilities that you can demonstrate to potential employers.
Develop your marketing material and strategy

Once you have determined your strengths, unique selling points and job accomplishments you can start to develop your marketing materials that you will use to market yourself to potential employers. These may include CV’s, covering letters or answers to interview questions etc...Feel free to click on links below to expand on each of these.
  • CV’s
  • Covering Letters
  • Job Application Forms
  • List of Achievements
  • Elevator Speech
  • Job Interview Preparation
Promote yourself to prospective employers

After developing your marketing materials you can start to target prospective employers and suitable vacancies. Remember, the higher the quality of your marketing materials the higher the chances are that you will succeed in your job hunting. Good luck!