Numerical Reasoning Test Help Guide

The score you get in your numerical reasoning test will be mainly affected by your ability to answer the question and your speed of response. The ability to work out the problem or task will be linked to your knowledge whereas the speed with which you will react will be affected by your mental stimulus. Hence to succeed you have to train your brain in both - acquiring necessary intellect and gaining speed. We have put together the guide that covers the fundamentals of each of the areas and present you with necessary tips, techniques and strategies to conquer advanced employer tests administered by major psychometric publishers with confidence.



About numerical reasoning practice
Here you can find all the information about such assessments you may need to know. In simple terms, these measurements are psychological measures containing series of standardised tasks that gauge your cognitive abilities to manipulate with data freely and accurately. From this section you will learn what is numerical reasoning, its main challenges and constructs, how to prepare and how your score is evaluated and being looked at.


Percentages and numbers
This insightful guide will introduce you to the problems of percentages that are frequently incorporated into quantitative selection tests. It starts with simple concepts where you will learn the fundaments of these in terms of psychometric testing and it slowly present you with more advanced topics and demonstrates the way in which you should go about tackling such problems.


Ratios and proportions
Check out this one stop source for the best ratios and proportion practices, study and lessons to increase your score in occupational assessments. It offers you comprehensive overview and advice combined with practical examples to demonstrate what sort of challenges you may expect and how to work them out.


Currency conversions
Are you practicing for numerical reasoning but struggling with currency conversion questions? This step by step guide will give you all the necessary know-how you may need for such challenges ranging from simple exchanges to advanced conversions involving converting across multiple currencies. It has been designed for beginners and veterans alike. Excellent preparations guide.


Free numerical reasoning test
You can try our free numerical tests which meets the standards of employment assessments. It will give you some idea of sort of questions used in numerical aptitude battery or ability competence measures administered by major graduate employers as a part of selection exercise. It is timed and contains 18 standardised data interpretation questions where you will have to refer to table, chart or graph to select your answer from five answer choices given. Guidance on interpretation of your score is provided. Note that you will be able to view your correct and incorrect answers and see explanation for each question once you finish. For best preparation we recommend you to practice further from our selection of aptitude practice tests.


Tips to pass
To get ahead and pass employment selection tests you need to constantly strive to improve your performance by challenging yourself to work out and handle practice test questions in the best possible way. This comprehensive guide will present you with essential topics as to the skills, techniques and practice tactics you will have to learn, develop or adopt to make a breakthrough in your study to pass your assessments.